Before You Breed Your Mare

Registration Options

I am often asked what to expect by mare owners who are new to breeding. This is an excellent question because being prepared can save money.

First, the mare needs to be healthy, young enough to support a pregnancy, old enough that the fetus does not hurt her development, and needs to be physically examined by a veterinarian. There will be multiple ultrasounds needed to predict ovulation, so this gives the mare a chance to get used to the procedure.

Second, when choosing a veterinarian it is best to use one who is an equine reproductive specialist. He/she might be a bit more expensive up front, but can save money and time by being experienced with shipped semen and mare ovulation timing.

Third, have the vet perform a uterine culture on the mare at the start of breeding season. Even if the mare has never been bred ( a maiden ) or has had foals in the past, there is a chance for infection. An infected mare is most likely not going to get in foal. The cost of the culture ($20 - $75+) is much cheaper than having to pay for additional shipments of semen ($350/each) when the mare doesn’t conceive.

Lastly, having the mare checked “in foal” by an ultrasound exam is NOT the end of the journey! Mare owners need to monitor the mare’s progress and health throughout the 11+ months of pregnancy. Ask the veterinarian which vaccination schedule he/she recommends. As the delivery date gets close, try to monitor the mare and be present at the birth. Complications can arrive during delivery, but prompt intervention can turn the situation around.

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What registration papers can my foal receive?

Once a mare has given birth to a foal by Waldini von Valour, the owner often wants to get registration papers.   There are a variety of registries to choose from, even if the mare is not registered (grade).  The choice is up to the mare owner.

The easiest and cheapest registry is FSHR (Friesian Sport Horse Registry).

There are two others that do require photos of the foal and DNA of both Sire and Dam.  "Wally" is on file with both of these registries. They Are FHH (Friesian Heritage Horse) and FBHR (Friesian Blood Horse Registry)

There is a fourth registry called FSA (Friesian Sporthorse Association).  I do not have any experience with FSA.  If the owner of the foal chooses this registry, I will do my part to get the necessary paperwork.

There may also be registration options available that are based off of the mare's registration/breeding.  For example, if the mare is a registered Arabian, the foal could be registered as half Arabian.  Or if the mare is a registered Saddlebred, there is a registration called the International Georgian Grande Horse Registry.  I will provide whatever paperwork these types of registries require of the stallion owner.

I suggest that the foal owner take time to research each of the applicable registries to determine which one is the most suitable.