WvV Bella Luna (filly) $4,500

Bella is one fancy filly and she knows it!  She is 50% Friesian 50% Tennessee Walking Horse.  This filly is a flashy mover that carries herself well.    She is solid black and most likely homozygous.  She should mature over 16H.  Her full sister is 15.3 as a two year old.  This filly will make a classy carriage horse, an eye-catching show horse or the trail horse of your dreams.Type your paragraph here.


WvV Ive Got Valour (colt) $5,500

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Valour is a solid black colt, 50% Friesian 50% Quarter Horse.  He was born late in the year, so he is just starting to mature into the horse he will become.  Already, Valour is showing the athletic ability of his Quarter Horse side.   He is what horsemen call "handy".   Valour could excel in the show ring, but be equally suited as a ranch horse working cattle.  He should mature at 16H.

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